Now More Than Ever

Your generosity will impact families, AJ Girls, and will help to launch our new relief fund.

Extreme poverty is the primary cause of the orphan crisis in Ethiopia.


Today, there are over 4.5 million orphans in Ethiopia. 70 percent of these children have been orphaned as a result of poverty. Every day, parents have to make painful decisions about their family’s daily needs. As a result of this harsh reality, countless families are separated.

Sustainable solutions allow families to stay together and thrive.


We keep families together by providing their most basic needs while working toward economic self-reliance and sustainability. We support children’s academic success while we offer their parents relational discipleship, economic empowerment and life skills training, counseling, and income generation opportunities.

Our Model

Through AJ Home and our Family Empowerment Program, we focus on four areas of impact in the lives of the children and families we serve.


We provide resources and tutoring to encourage students’ academic success.

Economic Empowerment

We equip children and families through weekly training sessions that provide a solid foundation for all of life.


We walk through life with the people we serve as we share God’s love intentionally, authentically, and relationally.

Social Support

We identify the specific needs of each child and family, and we develop clear action plans for growth.


Your monthly investment makes sustainable change possible.

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Year-End Giving

Your generosity will impact families, AJ Girls, and will help to launch our new relief fund.

More than at any time in our five-year history, children and families in Ethiopia need our support.

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